Pool Deck

Make a Splash with a Pool Decks

With Bento Construction, Inc. we can help you surround your pool with endless style and ultimate function.

When designing the perfect outdoor setting for life’s beautiful moments, look no further than Bento Construction, Inc. We can surround your pool with endless style and ultimate function. We can style permeable pavers that provide a beautiful and comfortable walking area with maximum drainage for a safe, nonslip surface – even when wet. ​

When planning your pool deck four feet is the minimum perimeter around the pool for basic access. However, if you intend to use the pool deck as a patio for entertaining or sunbathing, consider a larger size and be sure to factor in the size of your outdoor furniture.
The paver you choose to surround your pool deserves special consideration because you’ll be walking on it in your bare feet! Be sure to choose a color that won’t absorb too much heat from the summer sun. A smoother surface is pleasing to walk on, but make sure it’s sufficiently non-slip. ​ For the coping around the edge of the pool, avoid products with abrasive edges. A contrasting coping color or inset border is something to consider, as it helps define the pool edge. ​ Likewise, appropriate lighting is an important safety consideration. Use lighting to illuminate your pool for night swimming and to define pool edges and steps for greater safety.
Even a standard pool shape can become a dramatic focal point for your outdoor space if you add vertical elements like low walls, planter boxes and water features. Likewise, an ordinary hot tub can be transformed into a dramatic visual feature by surrounding it with stone elements so that it appears custom built.