Excavation Contractor


When the base of your project is properly constructed, water will not accumulate underneath and settling will not occur.


The first step in any project is excavation of the native soil. The depth of the excavation will depend on two factors:

  1. Soil Type: Clay soil requires deeper excavation; Sandy soil require less.
  2. Use: Heavy loads like driveways and retaining walls require deeper excavation; Lighter loads like patios and walkways require less.

Base Materials

The excavated area will be filled with base material. This material needs to be:

  • Strong enough to handle the load of whatever is being placed on the surface
  • Free draining that water moves away from the surface
  • Extended at least six inches beyond the edges of the finished surface
  • Compacted in several layers, using proper equipment.

A quality project is built upon a solid foundation. For this reason, we recommend you hiring a professional construction company.