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Stone is one of the most popular building materials used worldwide by building professionals. Reason being is they are extremely durable and have so many different design applications they can used for.

Below are various types and intended purpose of stone we use.

Paver Stone

FPaver stones are used for walkways, driveways, landings and stepping stones

Tread and Capping Stone

They are used for staircases, walls, pool coping, steps and landings.

Lintel Stone

It are used for mantles, hearths, decorative door accents for sills, above and below windows.

Thin Veneer Stone

For use on exterior and interior projects. Fireplaces, staircases, exterior and interior walls, home entrances, columns.

**Thin veneer stone can also be installed in front of existing concrete or block structures that need refacing. Thin veneer stone does not require a footing for installation on existing structures.

We have experience with a variety of products. From colorful veneers, both in traditional thickness and thin sawn applications, as well as custom hearths, mantels, fireplace surrounds and woodstove bases. ​

From rustic charm, to contemporary flair, to classic styling, we have you covered. ​

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Natural Stone

Nothing compares to natural stone for strength, durability and beauty.

Natural stone is one of the most sound and visually appealing building products available. Because it is quarried directly from the earth, it has unique qualities that only mother nature cam produce. Natural stone and thin veneers are regarded as the premium choice for high-end home building construction. ​

Take your home from everyday to extraordinary with the look and feel of nature.

Whether you dream of a delicate winding outdoor stairway, or envision a bold and imposing staircase built of large rock-face steps or simply need a few steps to connect the different level pavilions you’ve created in your outdoor space, Bento Construction, Inc. has the answer. ​

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