Brick is one of the most popular types of building material used in the masonry industry. It provides great durability and character to any project it is used on. Below you will find various types and intended purpose of brick use:

Thin Brick

For use on exterior and interior projects, fireplace veneers, garden walls, home walls where desired, barbecues, brick ovens, home entrances, columns.

*Thin brick can also be installed in front of existing concrete or block structures that need refacing. Thin brick does not require a footing for installation on existing structures.

Paver Brick

Paver bricks can be used on walkways, driveways, patios, parking areas, pool decks etc.

Face Brick

For use on exterior and interior projects, fireplaces, staircase risers, chimneys, retaining walls, garden and terrace walls, entrance way columns etc.

*Face brick typically requires a footing for installation.

Fire Brick

For use when constructing firebox of indoor or outdoor elements. Like fireplaces, barbecues, firepits, brick pizza oven etc

Concrete brick

For use when constructing chimneys, fireplaces, garden wall edging or curbing projects.