Building Restoration


Reclaim the beauty of your home by restoring it to its former glory. Historic restorations effectively takes an older building and restore it to like new condition. Historic renovations on the other hand, updates and modernize a historical place without destroying the historical appeal.

Restoring a historical landmark isn’t something to be taken lightly and shouldn’t be taken on as a do-it-yourself project. Many of the buildings in our area require a specific period pieces in order to be properly restored. Some require a delicate touch and some TLC before the restoration or renovation process may begin.

The historical value of your building relies on more than a job done right, you need someone capable of completing your project to perfection. Bento Construction, Inc. has built a reputation as one of the most trusted historic restoration and renovation companies in the greater Boston area.

Brickwork & Masonry Restoration

Masonry is among the most durable of historic building materials, but it is still susceptible to damage by improper maintenance or prolonged exposure to weather. If repaired or maintenance on a scheduled basis most leaks or deterioration to interior of structural supports and anchors can be eliminated.

While tuck pointing and through wall flashing repairs are the most common projects we encounter. Bento Construction has also removed and replaced entire wall sections, fireplaces and chimneys. We have extensive experience with brick repair, both to historic masonry dwellings as well as to more modern cavity wall construction.

We perform repairs on deteriorated brick as well as to address leaks through the masonry walls. ​

Bento Construction has completed many masonry restoration projects ranging from historical preservation to emergency repairs. Examples of the wide array of repairs are listed below:

Historical Restoration

  • Repoint historical mortar joints
  • Rebuild deteriorated masonry with matching brick
  • Install restoration anchors (Masonry Ties)
  • Replace crumbling or spalled brick with matching brick

Non-Historical Repair

  • Repoint deteriorated or water damaged mortar joints
  • Repair masonry cracks
  • Remove and rebuild sections of masonry wall
  • Install new masonry anchors as wall ties
  • Rebuild vertical control joints
  • Building Exterior Cleaning

Bento Construction, Inc. are experts in all aspects of masonry restoration and masonry repair. When you need masonry restoration or a mason contractor, please contact Bento Construction, Inc.

Stone Restoration

Over the past 100 years natural stone has proved its ability to resist the forces of mother nature. But like anything else, it is susceptible to damage by improper maintenance or prolonged exposure to weather and moisture.

Bento Construction, Inc. has completed many restoration projects. We have the necessary experience and architectural knowledge to fulfill the requirements for restoring historical and non-historical structures.

Natural stone restoration can be very demanding and present a wide variety of challenges for the restoration contractor. When you need stone restoration work, Please contact Bento Construction, Inc. You can count on us for the professional service from start to finish on all types of restoration and repair work​

Below are a few of the natural stone restoration services we offer.

  • Façade Restoration
  • Rebuild stone facades and parapets
  • Remove and replace stone units or decorative stone elements
  • Remove and reset of existing stone units
  • Repoint stone facades
  • Repair of deteriorated stone areas
  • Clean stone surfaces